notary public services as low as $19

Please note the following very carefully prior to booking an appointment:

- Appointments are typically booked in 30 minute increments.

- Please do not sign the document(s) before visiting our office. It is important that the notary see the client sign the document(s).

- Please attend with a piece of government-issued photo identification.

- If your matter concerns a consent to travel for a minor child, please note that the parent or guardian giving the consent must attend at our office for the appointment.

- If you need a document drafted before it is notarized, please note that a $125 drafting fee applies. First, book your appointment and provide an email address. Then, use that email to contact us at, and indicate you need a document drafted. By return email, we will request additional information to enable the drafting.

- Please do not leave a voicemail message at our phone number. If you have any questions prior to or after booking, please send us an email to

- If you would like to book a mobile notary service (for an additional fee), please email us directly at as you cannot book a mobile appointment on this page.

- Our appointments are scheduled for one day per month. We announce two months in advance at a time. We are currently booking for
— Friday, 20 April 2018; and we will then subsequently book for
— Monday, 21 May 2018.

- In filling the form below, please do not leave any field unfilled. Otherwise, your appointment will not be deemed confirmed, even if you receive a confirmation email. The software we utilize will typically replace appointments containing missing information with those containing the full required information.

- If you do not leave this page after clicking on the "book" button, please scroll to the bottom of the page as it may contain a message for you, likely asking that you pick a different time slot as the one you selected may already be taken. The following time slots were available as of this morning and may remain available, all other time slots are taken:
- 11:30am
- 12:30pm
- 1:00pm
- 1:30pm
- 2:00pm.

To book an appointment, fill the form below. IMPORTANT: Be sure to pick a time slot for ONLY Friday, 20 April 2018 at this time. For any follow up concerns, either email us if you have any, or we'll email you if we spot any. We look forward to serving you.