Our services are comprehensive, delivered by the following experienced personnel:
  • Jide Afolabi - lead lawyer and notary public
  • Farooq Rafiq - contracted lawyer and notary public
  • Ifeoluwa Adebiyi - legal assistant and commissioner of oaths
We can notarize or commission all documents. Below is a listing of just some of the services we offer:

If you don't have your document already drafted, we can assist you with rapid drafting, prior to notarization or certification.

Let us help you take the stress, worry or expense out of the swearing of your affidavit.

Certified True Copies
We are fully equipped to create and notarize certified true copies. Simply visit us with your originals, the copies if you are able to create photocopies, and identification.

Commissioning of Oaths
Visit us for the commissioning of oaths regarding all types of documents.

Our notarization service is quick and cost effective. Further, we don’t attempt to save on costs by providing you with a less than ideal service. Our notarizations, and all other documentary services, utilize real gold or silver seals - your choice - rather than mere impressions on your paper document. This is invaluable if your document will later be photocopied, or handled in a foreign jurisdiction. Note that a real seal service is not provided by all notaries.

Statutory Declarations
Attend at our office for the proper execution of your statutory declarations, including notarization and date-stamping.

Marriage Abroad Documentation
If you are set to get married abroad, we offer you our congratulations. It is important to prepare the documentation for your wedding well in advance. We are able to undertake the work in ensuring that the requirements of the intended country of your wedding are met. Visit us today to have us commence this important work on your behalf.

With a lawyer on staff, we are able to assist in incorporating different types of corporations - for profit, non-profit, professional, etc.

Powers of Attorney
Protect your property and your personal care by having a power of attorney drafted and properly executed. We are able to properly create all types of powers of attorney, whether they be pursuant to the Substitute Decisions Act, pertaining to a specific life circumstance, general in nature, specific, limited to property, limited to personal care, or a hybrid. Visit us today and we’ll be glad to assist.

Letters of Invitation
Let us assist with the drafting and execution of your letter of invitation, ensuring that all necessary requirements are covered.

Authentication & Legalization
Documents notarized in Canada for use abroad may need to go through a further process of "authentication" and "legalization" in order to be considered valid in the foreign jurisdiction. We are able to provide a professional service with regard to this process.

Can't find what you need on this list? That's because we can't list every possible scenario. We are a full service notary. Be assured we can assist. Simply contact us. You'll find us well equipped to serve as your Oshawa Notary Public, Ajax Notary Public, Pickering Notary Public, as well as your Whitby Notary Public.